Mrs. Deborah N. Atalor(PhD)


“You cannot feature in the future you do not picture” -David Oyedepo

Being successful is the desire of all us residing over this beautiful earth. It does not matter whether the concerned person is a child, youth or the aged, at each and every stage of our wide life span. The mentality of competing with each other can frequently be noticed at any of the places including schools, colleges, coaching, work fields including organizations, offices, etc. to name a few. As a comparison to our efforts towards the works to get success, we often expect much and want success to knock our doors very soon. If in any case, it does not happen, we use to get frustrated and finally get deeper inside the darkness of inferiority. Such a situation has been noticed among most of the people where regular and dedicated efforts have been ignored and merely the failures have been entertained. There stand several such examples over the world like our today’s Amazon, Deborah Ngozi Atalor (B.ENG, M.ENG, PhD, COREN). Most of these iconic personalities have previously faced serious challenges in their life’s struggles. Yet, they continued on their ways to success and finally achieved massive success in their fields of expertise. No mountain, caste, creed, stereotype or religion stopped them ever in their ways towards success.

From the beginning!

IAS: May we meet you, madam?

Today’s Amazon: I am Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (B.ENG, M.ENG, PhD, COREN). I’m presently the CEO of DE-RAHBS ENERGY SERVICES and the Chief Instructor of DE- RAHBS ENERGY TRAINING INSTITUTE a frontline renewable energy company with the vision of making uninterrupted power possible for small, medium, and large scale consumption in Africa and beyond. I was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Aziken from Owa Oyibu in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. My parents retired as Secondary School Principals.

I was born in a family of three children (2 ladies and a man). My elder sister (Mrs. Nsoegbe) works with the College of Education Agbor. While my younger brother is a Medical Doctor (Dr. Lucky Aziken).

IAS: How was your growing up like?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): Our family was an average class one. I grew up around Efeizomor Street, Boji Boji Owa. I enjoyed my childhood memories so much. The bike ride, farm work and moonlight plays we used to play around the neighbourhood. It was a very safe and peaceful environment then.

IAS: Which primary school did you attend?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): I attended Alasi Primary School, Boji Boji Owa from 1989-1995

IAS: Which Secondary School did you attend?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): I attended the prestigious Marymount College from 1995- 2001.

IAS: What was your first career choice?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): Just like every child, I flirted with the idea of becoming a Medical Doctor, because I was very good in science subjects and exceptionally good in further mathematics.

IAS: Why did you end up becoming an Engineer?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): Hmmm! It happens that when I was preparing for my Jamb class, Mr. Iroh Believe a family friend came to our house and said that Engineering is the most difficult profession and that Mechanical Engineering is the toughest course of all the Engineering courses. Being that I love challenges, I said to myself wow! It must be Mechanical Engineering then. That was it!

IAS: Let’s talk about your tertiary education and the various certificate that you have obtained with dates

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD):

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Manufacturing Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City. October 2019
  • Masters in Manufacturing Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City. April 2014
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical/Production Engineering, Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awuka. September 2008
  • Information and Communication Technology Certificate: 2008
  • Proficient in MS office
  • Proficient in Corel draw
  • Proficient in Information Technology.

IAS: Let’s talk about your personal accomplishments/Awards

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD):

  1. Mandela Washington Fellow June 2019
  2. Top ten innovators award September 2017
  3. Young Business leader award December 2017
  4. Best Energy Business of the year December 2017
  5. Best graduating female, Masters in Manufacturing Engineering 2012/2013 session
  6. Successfully organized workshop for 1000 students.

IAS: Doctor, please highlights some of your personal skills for us

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD):

  • Effective communicator
  • Knowledgeable professional
  • Advanced programming skills
  • Computer savvy
  • Good listener
  • Strategic problem solver
  • Excellent expiation skill
  • Collaborative skills
  • Ability to multi task
  • Project management ability
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Excellent leadership skills.

IAS: Tell us the various Professional bodies that you belonged to

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD):

  1. Member, Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)
  2. Member, Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE)
  3. Member, Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE)
  4. Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

IAS: Do you have any publications to your credits?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): Yes. Prediction and Optimization of heat on mild steel Weldments. International journal of current research, December 2018.

IAS: Tell us about your professional working experience

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD):

  • Chief Executive Officer, DE-RAHBS ENERGY SERVICES, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. From 2016 till date
  • Head instructor, DE-RAHBS ENERGY TRAINING INSTITUTE, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. From 2016 till date.
  • Lecturer 111, Delta State School of Marine Technology, Burutu, Delta State. From April 2011 to November 2013
  • Mechanical Engineer, Ministry of Transport, Asaba, Delta State. From April 2010 to April 2011
  • Lecturer, (NYSC) Federal Science and Technical College, Otukpo, Benue State. From March 2009 to March 2010
  • Engineering trainee, (Industrial Attachment) Inter Bau Construction Limited, Asaba, Delta State. From April 2007 to September 2007.

IAS: What is your career objectives?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): My career objective is to provide high quality solutions to engineering challenges by undertaking continuous research and mentoring upcoming engineers.

IAS: Doctor, please tell us what motivates you into establishing DE-RAHBS ENERGY SERVICES

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): Generally, it was the poor electricity power supply in my country, Nigeria. Specifically, in 2015 as a PhD student, my phone battery was always down as a result no electricity to charge it. It was very frustrating for me. I experimented with the idea of solar power phone charger. The idea works! I realized that I have just solved my immediate energy needs. I started doing for it for my immediate families and friends. This leds to the establishment of De-rahbs Energy Services Company and its training arm, De-rahbs Energy Training Institute in 2016.

IAS: Now, let’s talk about De-rahbs Energy Services Company

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): Oh beautiful! De-rahbs Energy Services is an energy servicing company on a mission to provide clean, safe and renewable energy that is both cost-effective and saves our planet. We are heralding a future free from greenhouse gases and saving running cost for business that depend on power for operation.

Our training arm, De-rahbs Training Institute is raising an army of skilled entrepreneurs that will expand the market for solar energy and make uninterrupted power possible across Africa and beyond.

Our Services include:

Assembly, Sales, installation, maintenance and repair of solar products, Training of young Engineers and new generation of entrepreneurs.

Our Vision:

To provide quality energy solution and make uninterrupted power possible for small, medium and large scale consumption in Africa and beyond.

Our Mission:

We are making life easier, safer and preserving the environment through quality renewable solutions.

Our Business Focus:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Sales
  3. Installation
  4. Maintenance
  5. Repair
  6. Training.

IAS: What was the highest point of your career so far?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): When I was selected among the 56 Nigerians out of the 11000 applications for the Mandela Washington Fellowship programme for young Africans Leaders in 2019. The programme was organized by the United State Agency for International Development (USAID).

The programme was held at United State Institute of Leadership, University of Neveda, Reno. I was among the 700 Africans from different African countries that was trained.

It was a life changing experience for me, the leadership programme changes my perception about business in general. The networking session with other 699 other Africans was awesome. The mentorship session was wow! In life, if you want to go further, you stand on the shoulders of those that has gone ahead of you.

IAS: How is marriage life?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): Awesome. I got married to my heartthrob, Mr. Wilson Atalor in 2011. The marriage is blessed with three wonderful boys!

IAS: Who is Mr. Wilson Atalor?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): Smiles! Mr. Wilson Atalor is my beloved husband and the father of my children. He is the Branch Manager of Globalcom, Asaba, Delta State. He is young, gentle, hardworking and a diligent man. Above all, he is a charismatic, lovable and energetic fellow with strong interpersonal relationship skills.

IAS: Who is your role model?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): My grand mom, Mrs. Janet Imariahgbe. A very strong and dynamic woman. Though not educated but through her diligence she was able to singlehandedly raised her 8 children after the death of her husband.

IAS: What is your best quote?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): “your dreams are still valid; they have no limits as far as you can see it, you can achieve it”

IAS: What is your philosophy to giving?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): I’m an open minded person. I love giving back to the society.

IAS: Dr. Deborah, what is your ‘Nextlevel’?

Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (PhD): To become a Professor of Mechanical Engineering in ten years from now. For De-rahbs Energy Services Company to become an automated Solar Manufacturing Company. To be able to train 5000 young entrepreneurs on renewable energy. To reduce the energy crisis to the barest minimal in the next 5 years in line with the Millennium Development Goals Strategy (MDGS) year 2030.


We at Ika Amazon Series (IAS), enjoined with the people of the world to celebrate this thorough breed Amazon from Ika Nation with us. The story of Dr. Deborah like the Biblical Deborah was an inspiring and soul lifting one. It was the story of a dreamer, an achiever and a problem solver. Who has distinguished herself in all spheres of life with her Midas touch. Anything she touches turns gold!

A first class scholar that graduated with distinction in her PhD in Manufacturing Engineering from the prestigious University of Benin. A dutiful wife and an intelligent mother that solves quadratic equations for her children with ease…Lol. A role model, trailblazer and a virtuous woman. Mrs. Deborah Ngozi Atalor (B. ENG, M.ENG, PhD, COREN), the CEO of De-rahbs Energy Services Company a Solar energy servicing company located at No 1 Fumnanya Street, Off Nnebisi Road Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. She is a small girl with big brains and big God!

Congratulations and best wishes on your INDUCTION INTO THE IKA AMAZON HALL OF FAME 2019

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