Mrs. Patricia Uche Onyeisi Dede (PhD)

Dr. Mrs. Patricia Uche Onyeisi Dede - Assistant Director of Personnel (Ika South Local Government Area)

“Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself; that is true power”. - Dan Lok

There is an undeniable dream that is alive today, fervently burning in the hearts and minds of people all across this planet. So long as the media will downplay much of the world’s biggest success stories in place of disheartening coverage of calamity and strife, there are some truly inspiring Amazons out there who offer up a plate of motivational and heart –warming success that keeps the flame of hope alive.

If you are an Amazon like Dr. Mrs. Pat Dede, you would have likely faced some challenges in your life. You might have struggled to keep the proverbial lights on. There is an enormous set of demands weighing on your shoulders. In order to break even or to even become successful, you have to wear many hats, especially in the beginning. There is always a huge risk-to-reward ratio that you are always balancing. That is why I tell their stories. The Amazon stories!

I know and I’m well convinced from my hearts that their stories are always beautiful, motivational, inspirational and real-life stories. These are inspiring Amazons who have been in the trenches architecting, building and creating their lives through blood and sweat.

Do you need to know it all in life?


But you need to have a solid basis of understanding of some life fundamentals like perseverance, determination, intrigues, self-control, drives, confidence and a winning mindset on how to best position your offers, optimize conversions and scale over time is very crucial.

Our guest today on Ika Amazon Series Mrs. Pat Dede (PhD) just like our previous Amazons understand the mechanics of life, but they also understand people. There are leaders and know how to lead, leading by example. But most importantly, what set them apart is their true inner desire to add value. In life that is truly what it takes at the end of the day. If and only if you are not going out of your way to add an enormous amount of value, you are largely wasting your time.

From the beginning!

IAS: May we meet you, Madam?

Today’s Amazon: I am Mrs. Patricia Uche Onyeisi Dede (PhD). I’m the Assistant Director of Personnel (Ika South Local Government Area) Delta State. I was born into the family of late Mr. Iwelumo Enunwa and Ezinne Mrs. Mary Ngala Enunwa. Though my father died in 1990, but before his death he owns and operate the then Standard Bread Bakery in Agbor. My mother is still alive and kicking, by the grace of God. I am the first child in a family of seven children. Two ladies and five men. We were all born and brought up by our parents here in Agbor. My father was a very strict man and that made our neighbours to nickname him ‘Major’. As ‘Major’ children, my siblings and I are always well behaved at home to avoid the wrath of my father. Our movement is always triangular: From home to school to church.

IAS: Which primary school did you attend?

Dr.(Mrs.) Pat Dede: I attended Alasi Primary School, Agbor from 1970-1976.

IAS: Which Secondary School did you attend?

Dr.(Mrs.) Pat Dede: In my parent’s quest for me to be in a boarding school, since I was unable to secure boarding admission at Marymount College, my parent sent me to Ede Grammar School, Umunede from 1976-1981.

IAS: What was your first career choice?

Dr.(Mrs.) Pat Dede: Law. I wanted to become a Lawyer and I did Jamb and I was offered admission into the University of Calabar but my parent insisted that Calabar was too far. So that was how I lost that admission.

IAS: Let’s talk about your tertiary education

Dr.(Mrs.) Pat Dede: Ok.

  • College of Education, Abraka :(NCE) Government and Religious Studies 1985
  • Delta State University, Abraka: BSc Social Studies Education 1990
  • Delta State University, Abraka: M.Ed. Social Studies 2007
  • Delta State University, Abraka: PhD Social Studies 2018

IAS: Let’s talk about your employment history

Dr.(Mrs.) Pat Dede: In 1989, I was employed in the then Ika Local Government Area of Delta State as a clerical officer on level 4, even with my NCE. I grew steadily through the rank by promotion and by enhancement of further studies, today, to the glory of God, I am an Assistant Director, Personnel in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State. From 2007 to 2015, I was engaged as a part time Lecturer, in the Department of Social Studies, College of Education, Agbor Degree programme in affiliation with Delta State University, Abraka. However, as a result of the enormous workload in my office in the Council occasioned by the new responsibilities attached with it, I had to resign from the Lecturing job to enable me concentrate and function well in my new position as the Registrar in charge of marriages in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

IAS: What are your functions as a Marriage Registrar?

Dr.(Mrs.) Pat Dede: My functions include the following:

  1. Registration of marriages
  2. Counselling of intending couples
  3. Counselling of married couples
  4. Issuing of marriage certificates
  5. Officiating of marriage ceremonies.

I must add too, that I am having job satisfactions. I have been able to settle so many marriages that were heading for dissolutions into right tracks. I have mended so many broken homes. I have counselled many couples. To the glory of God, I have put smiles on so many homes through my activities as a Marriage Registrar.

IAS: How is marriage life?

Dr.(Mrs.) Pat Dede: Very blissful. Though marriage comes with its own ups and downs, but with love and understanding; the ups is always greater than the downs.

I am having a peaceful marriage with my husband Sir Samon Dede, a business man and a politician from Umunede in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. We married on 27th December 1986. The marriage is blessed with four wonderful men who are all graduates and one of them is a Lawyer in partial fulfilment of my dream of becoming a Lawyer…Smiles.

IAS: Do you have any publications to your credit?

Dr.(Mrs.) Pat Dede: Yes. I have authored a book titled Girls Child Education: Prospects and Challenges.

IAS: Tell us about the various social/cultural organizations that you belong to

Dr.(Mrs) Pat Dede: I belong to the following social/cultural organizations:

  • Lady Knight of St. John International (KSJI)
  • Member, Ladies of the Prime League Nigeria
  • Member, Catholic Women Organization (CWO)
  • Member, Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Member, Uchebulu-Ofu Social Club, Agbor
  • Member, Ede Women Social Club, Agbor
  • Member, Umunede Progressive Union
  • Member, Onicha Ugbo Progressive Union

IAS: Any side hustling?

Dr.(Mrs) Pat Dede: Yesooo. I am an interior decorator.

IAS: Who is your role model?

Dr.(Mrs) Pat Dede: Any woman that persevere and withstands the challenges of life and comes out stronger is my role model.

IAS: Tell us the various conferences and workshops that you have attended in the course of your career.

Dr.(Mrs) Pat Dede: To enhance my performance in my career, I have attended the following conferences and workshops: Stress management; women and career leadership; documentations of marriage registry; counselling in marriages; etc.

IAS: Any favourite Biblical quote?

Dr.(Mrs) Pat Dede: As for me and my household we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15).

IAS: What is your philosophy to giving?

Dr.(Mrs) Pat Dede: Givers never lacks. It is sweet to give.

IAS: Any fond childhood memories?

Dr.(Mrs) Pat Dede: As a child my parents never told me that my own twin sister died at infancy. The story they told me was that my twin sister is living at oversea and at intervals they bought me gifts and says that my twin sister bought it for me. When I was in the primary school, I always boast to my classmates that I will soon go to Oversea to go and live with my twin sister, sometimes I showoff the various gift items supposedly sent to me from her! Fast-forward to when I came back home from the boarding school first term holiday, an Auntie came to our house and said to my mother “you now have a grown up daughter oo, if her twin sister were to be alive they would have been two grown up girls in your house by now”

I was like mom; did you hear that? It was then I knew that my twin sister had died at infancy. That all the supposedly gifts from her, actually came from my parents. I mourned her even when I did not have a memory of her!

IAS: What is you “Nextlevel”?

Dr.(Mrs) Pat Dede: To become the Head of Personnel Management (HPM) of the Council. And God’s willing to go back to the classroom to lecture as a part-time lecturer in any University.


Mrs. Patricia Uche Onyeisi Dede (PhD) is presently the Assistant Director of Personnel in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State. She is an administrator, teacher, counsellor, wife, mother and a home maker. She is a scholar of repute. A lady Knight of Saint John International. She is an entrepreneur and a fashionista. A role model and an Amazon from Ika Nation. Her story is an interesting and inspirational one, very real and touching.

Amazon Mrs. Patricia Uche Onyeisi Dede (PhD), congratulations and best wish on your INDUCTION INTO THE IKA AMAZON HALL OF FAME 2019.

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