Mrs. Ifeoma O. Agboma (nee Okobia)


"The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough" - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Former President of Liberia.

In this male dominated power game of politics, there are women leaders who have revolutionized the space of policy making with their adroit finesse. However, having a woman in a political leadership position does not, obviously, automatically lead to more pro-women or gender-equal policies or politics. But evidences are replete that countries with more women in charge have greater chance of making lasting strides in areas like education, governance, labour force participation and paid leave. In the corporate world, companies with a more gender-equal leadership tend to outperform companies run only by men.

In most cases, women who venture into politics often have less money than their male counterparts and some are even debased on account of their orientation and private lives.

Evidence has proven that Nigerian female politicians have played a key role in redefining the politics of their respective states, local government, communities, as well as their entire country.

This enormous contribution has gone a long way in shaping the political landscape of the nation. For meaningful development to be achieved, women have to be involved. Since they constitute majority of the population, they need to be part of decision making that directly affect the population.

It is encouraging to see how many women have ventured into politics thanks to increased political awareness, reawakening and empowerment of the feminine gender. Despite being discriminated and humiliated, Nigerian women politicians have defied the odds and are no longer political spectators.

Most of these female politicians have gone through enormous challenges in order to realize their political achievements. Many have also been involved with women empowerment agenda, which is to better the lives of women. Their stories of resilience are evidence of how they have met their political objectives despite having personal challenges, limited resources, and support at their disposal.

Dear readers, I present to you, my Guest of the week on Ika Amazon Series. She is Mrs Ifeoma Onyeoma Agbomah (Nee Okobia), the Executive Assistant on Liaison to the Executive Governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa. She is a female politician who will not give up on her political ambition, and, as a result, has continued to influence national, zonal and state politics by driving economic change in her own way. Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah is a woman who always keeps her head high.

Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in the sky.

She has the stamina, beauty, finesse and courage that any one would admire, even the love and happiness she inspires. She is a woman that one can always count on, and a woman that sees no wrong.

Her beauty radiates from inside out; it flows like a journey down a long route. Her smiles shines beautifully like the sun rising from Ekuku Agbor. And her intelligence, wisdom, charisma, and hard work are not in doubt. She is a genuinely caring woman, who goes the extra mile to help any one in need or broken hearted.

And her strongest points! Throughout her hard work, no one ever sees her fall apart.

My esteemed readers, enjoy the excerpt of the interview I had with her in Asaba, Delta State where she shared varied areas of interest with me.

IAS: May we meet you, Madam?

Mrs Ifeoma Oyeoma Agbomah (Nee Okobia), my parents are from Owa Alero in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. But I was born and brought up in Ekuku Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, I am always proud of my Ekuku Agbor heritage smiles. I am presently, the Executive Assistant (EA) on Liaison to the Executive Governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa. I was born into a family of 10; father, 2 mothers and 7 children. My father Pa Frederick Ngozi Okobia, was a Pharmacy Technician otherwise known as Dispenser (that is why my primary school classmates in Ekuku Agbor fondly addressed me as Ifeoma Nwa Dispenser). He worked and retired in Ekuku Agbor. Sadly, he died 3 years ago. I still miss him everyday! My mother, Mrs. Justina Okobia, worked as a primary school teacher until she retired in 2010 on Headmasters grade. She is alive and kicking.

IAS: How was your upbringing like?

Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: It was very fantastic. With strong Christian foundation. I was a privileged child because my Dad showed me special love because I was his lookalike. He fondly called me IFY-NNEM.

IAS: Which Primary School did you attend?

Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: I attended Omie Primary School, Ekuku Agbor and I finished in 1988.

IAS: Which Secondary School did you attend?

Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: I did my JSS 1 in Ekuku Agbor Grammar School, Ekuku Agbor. Some of my classmates then were Ewere Okonta, Iyama Chuks, Aghulor Augusta, Kennedy Okei, Ifeanyi Ogobueze, John Ikwu among others. I later proceeded to Marymount College, Agbor were I finished in 1994.

IAS: What was your first career choice?

Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: Accountancy. I wanted to be an Accountant but my Jamb score was not good enough for me to secure admission. Before my elder sister came to persuade me to do preliminary programme in French at the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. I yielded to her plea with a caveat that I must change to Accounting. At the end, I fell in love with French Studies.

IAS: Tell us about your tertiary education

Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: Ok

  1. B.A. French, (Second class upper division), Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State
  2. M.A. French Translation, University of Benin (Uniben), Edo state
  3. Management Accelerated Programme (MAP) Executive Course, Lagos Business School (LBS), Lagos, Nigeria

IAS: Tell us about your working/managerial experiences

Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: Ok

  1. 2003, January to April, First Bank Plc
  2. 2003 to 2006, French teacher, College of Education, Agbor
  3. 2006, PDP Aspirant for Delta State House of Assembly
  4. 2010 to 2011, Protocol Officer, Goodluck/Sambo Presidential Campaign Organisation
  5. 2012 to 2016, Member, National Executive Committee of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
  6. 2013 to 2015, Executive Chairman, Delta State Rural Development Agency
  7. 2015 to 2018, Executive First Member, Delta State Post Primary Education Board
  8. 2018 to 2019, Executive First Member, Delta State Post Primary Education Board
  9. Presently, Executive Assistant on Liaison to the Executive Governor of Delta State.
  10. IAS: Since you joined partisan politics, have you been discriminated against on account of your gender?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: Yes. Some see it as a weakness, but I see my gender as a strength. I always see myself as one who is destined to excel in any circumstance without considering my gender.

    IAS: Have you any regrets quitting your work in the College to join politics?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: I have no regrets at all.

    IAS: What is your political philosophy?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: My political philosophy is anchored on four cardinal objectives:

    1. Representation
    2. Leadership
    3. Mentorship
    4. Orientation

    IAS: How has your political activities impacted on your immediate environment?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: I have impacted on my immediate environment positively in terms of attracting or influencing democratic dividend to them to the best of my ability, I also acknowledge the fact that a lot still needs to be done. For example, I have influenced the following projects to my people:

    1. As the Executive Chairman of Rural Development Agency, I was able to influence the electrification of DDPA Estate in Agbor and connected it to the National grid.
    2. I was also able to attract a transformer to the good people of Alioye Quarter of Owa Alero in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State through the NDDC.
    3. Electrification of Otolokpo Community in Ika North East
    4. Electrification of factve Street in Ika South Local Government Area
    5. Electrification of MTD Areas in Agbor- Obi in Ika south Local Government Area
    6. Influencing the supply and installation of transformer to different Communities in Ika Land.
    7. Facilitating the employment of numerous number of people into the teaching service, Banks, NISTF, MNDA etc.

    As a proud member of Ekuku Agbor Renaissance Initiative, we signed an MOU with the Delta State Ministry of Health for the equipping and staffing of the Ekuku Agbor Health Centre which the group renovated. The Ekuku Agbor Renaissance Initiative has also influenced the Government to solve the Electricity challenges facing that community and its environs.

    IAS: As the Executive Assistant on Liaison to the Executive Governor of Delta State, what exactly is your job descriptions?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: As the Executive Assistant on Liaison to His Excellency, my main job description is to interface with National and Zonal Opinion Leaders outside the State on behalf of the Government and any other duties assigned to me by my Boss that will project his Government in good light.

    IAS: Tell us the various Professional/Political/Cultural bodies that you belong to

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: Ok

    1. Member, LBS Alumni
    2. Member, Delta State PDP Caucus
    3. Member, South-South Executive of PDP
    4. Member, Delta State Executive Committee of PDP
    5. Treasurer, Ika Village Square (IVS)
    6. Assistant Coordinator, Ekuku Agbor Renaissance initiative
    7. Member, AAU Alumni
    8. Member, Marymount College Old Girls Association.
    9. Member, Inter College Association of French Teachers (INTERCAFT)

    IAS: What is your philosophy about giving?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: On giving, I believe that it is in giving that I get blessed. Giving is the breadth that I take. I see myself as a channel to reach others. Giving is my life and calling. Whatever I get, I give out using less than 20 percent for my immediate needs. Even my husband calls me a stupid giver.

    IAS: Why don't you think of warehousing all your humanitarian activities under one umbrella?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: I actually have an NGO called Women in Agriculture Advocacy Initiative. It is an agro-gender based group. I'm gradually setting up the structure.

    IAS: What is your favorite quote?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: Luke 9:62. ("No one puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.")

    IAS: Who is your role model?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: Senator Biodun Olujimi.

    IAS: What is your favourite city?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: Abuja, Nigeria

    IAS: How is marriage life?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbormah: I'm happily married to Mr. Dennis Agbomah and the marriage is blessed with two wonderful girls.

    IAS: Madam, what is your "˜Nextlevel"?

    Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah: Hmmmm! My "Next level"is where God wants me to be!


    We at Ika Amazon Series are very proud to have Mrs Ifeoma Agbomah, as our guest of the week on this platform. She is every reporter's delight because of the way she handles hard questions thrown at her. Her first weapon is to disarmed you with her smiles before she unleashed her intelligence, finesse and charisma all at ones to the sons of men. And this has been her winning ways!

    She is an influencer that plays in the big league.


    © Ewere Okonta