Mrs Idiaghe Juliana Emenim(PhD)


“Happy are those who Dream dreams and are Ready to pay the price To make them come true” -Leo Joesef Suenens.

Living a happy, healthy and prosperous life is not going to just magically happen. Achieving success and feeling fulfilled will take work and intention on your part. Most people spend their working lives stuck behind a desk in a dead-end job or lost forever in some lower or middle management abyss. It is frustrating to live and sad to watch, but it is the reality of life. The good news is that there is a way out. Funny enough, it is more or less within your control. No kidding. If you really want to be somebody in this world, you have a much better chance of fulfilling that destiny than if you spend all your time sitting around whining and complaining, like most people do. Experience has shown that motivation plays a bigger role in achievement and success than anything else. If you are driven and willing to put yourself out there, the rest will follow. You will be exposed to opportunities, experience new things, develop knowledge and skills, gain confidence and wisdom, and the rest, as they say, is history. Wow! Nice story you might say! The beauty of it all is that it is not a story and it is not a theory. This is how real world works. This is how our today’s Amazon Mrs. Idiaghe Juliana (PhD) rose from a primary school teacher to become a University don. This is how today’s tenant becomes tomorrow’s landlord. Face your fear. Be courageous. You know that little voice in your head that goes on and on about all the things that could go wrong? What if nobody likes your idea? What if nobody follows you? What if you fail? What if, what if, what if…? You know what that is? That little voice is your fear talking. And it is very normal. I know you probably think that courageous people are supposed to be fearless. That is a fat lie. Everyone feels fear. Most people let it stop them. Courageous people like Mrs. Idiaghe Juliana (PhD) did not. She did not let fear to stop her from charging forward, from doing what she knew she needed to do, what she should do, in spite of her fear. That is courage! Anyone who tells you to ignore that voice does not get it. That voice is part of you. It has just as much right to be in your head as your confidence does. Embrace it and understand it for what it is. Then let your motivation- your drive to make something of yourself, to achieve great things- take over. Afterwards, think back on it. The world will not come to an end. Everything will turn out fine! Yes! It will be fine! That is called confidence. Auntie Julianna had the courage to face her fears, to take advantage of opportunities available to her, she experienced new things, she took charge and took risks and is still taking risks. All these built her confidence.

How it all Started:

IAS: May we meet you, madam?

Today’s Amazon: I am Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe Julianna Emenim born on the 11th of May, 1956 into the family of Late Mr. & Mrs. James Okoh of Idumuesah in Ika North East LGA of Delta State. I’m the last of the six children. My parents, late Mr. & Mrs. James Okoh were the first set of the people to embrace Christianity in my community (Idumuesah) and that exposed them to early education and improved Life style. My father was a successful business man who traded on tobacco while my mother also made success from her trade in Large scale sales of foodstuffs. So generally, when I was growing up, life was good for us materially and spiritually.

IAS: How was growing up like?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: Like I just told you, materially we were very ok. As the last child of my family, I stayed with my Late eldest brother (Mr. Mathias Okoh) who was a teacher and later a chartered Accountant. He was a great disciplinarian, I stayed with him as his house help. I did all the house chores, washed his motorcycle and later his Car. All these helped me to become the woman that I am today.

IAS: Which Primary School did you attend?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: I attended Ogbe Eno primary school, Idumuesah from 1964-1970.

IAS: Which Secondary School did you attend?

Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: I attended Martins College Issele-Uku from 1971-1975. It was a teacher training college then.

IAS: Why did you choose to go to Martins College Issele-Uku?

Why not Marymount College or Baptist Girls High School?

Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: Actually, I was initially offered admission at the Marymount College and also at Igbanke Grammar School but I turned them down because then at Martins College, the students were being paid stipends. And since it was a teacher training College, the graduates were offered jobs immediately after graduation, And I have always wanted to become a teacher.

IAS: Was Teaching your First Career Choice?

Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: Yes. I Love teaching. I have never thought of any other profession outside teaching.

IAS: Do you have any regret of being a teacher?

Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: No. why should I regret? Do you know the joy that I derive in seeing my old students becoming successful? Some of them are medical doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Business men, Captains of industry, politicians and, of course, teachers. Some I cannot even recognize, they walk up to me and say Ma, you taught me in one school or the other (recall I told you I taught in different schools). Wow! Sometimes, when I walk into a strange office, a staff there will treat me with so much courteous, respect and dignity at the end introduce him/herself as my former student. That joy or privilege is not what money can buy. The greatest Joy of it all is impacting your knowledge to somebody else. So, Ewere Okonta, my brother, I have no regret at all being a teacher.

IAS: Let’s talk about your tertiary Educational Background?

Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: I was at the College of Education, Agbor from 1982-1986 for my Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programme in the department of Home Economics where I made Distinction. From 1988-1991, I was at Bendel state University, now Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma for my first degree. From 1997-2000, I was at Delta State University, Abraka for my Master’s Degree. Finally, I obtained my PHD also from Delta State University, Abraka from 2000-2005.

IAS: In a brief, Madam, list your Academic Qualifications obtained with dates:

Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: Hmmmm…. okay, let’s go

  • First School Leaving Certificate 1970
  • Teachers Grade II Certificate (TCII) 1975
  • Nigeria Certificate in Education (N.C.E 1986
  • Bachelor of Science and Education (ED) Home Economics 1991
  • Master’s Degree in Educational Administration (M. ED) 2000
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education Administration (PhD) 2005
  • Certificate in Computer Training and Appreciation 2006

IAS: Let’s talk about your Employment history

Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: I was first employed into the services of Bendel State Teaching Service Board on the 1st of September, 1975. My teaching experience started at:

  1. Azagba Primary School, Otolokpo 1975-1978
  2. Charles Burr Primary School Agbor 1978-1979
  3. Ngala Primary School, Boji Boji Owa 1980-1981
  4. Ezemokhai Primary School, Agbede 1986-1987
  5. Agbor Model Primary School, Agbor 1987-1989
  6. St Charles College, Abavo 1989-1990
  7. Owanta Secondary School, Boji Boji Owa 1990-1999
  8. Marymount College, Boji - Boji Owa, (Vice Principal) 1999-2006

Presently, I’m a Chief Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the school of Education, College of Education, Agbor. Also a Lecturer in Delta State University Abraka, in affiliation with College of Education, Agbor. Visiting Lecturer in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) 2015 till date.

IAS: When did you transfer your services to College of Education, Agbor?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: In 2007.

IAS: Any story behind it?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: Yes! As you know I had my PhD while I was teaching in the Secondary School, so it happened that I went for a conference at Delta State University, Abraka when I met Mr. J.O. Ukadike now the Provost of College of Education, Agbor and he said to me “Madam what are you still doing in the Secondary School with your PhD? Give me your CV let’s see how you can transfer your services to the College of Education, Agbor”. That was it! I will forever remain grateful and loyal to Dr. J.O. Ukadike and Dr. E.U. Tibi for making it possible for me to transfer my services to the College.

IAS: How is Marriage Life?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: Very wonderful. I got married to the best man ever in the history of the world. We married on the 1st of January 1979, that is over 40 years of experience. To the glory of God, the marriage is blessed with four wonderful children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Three medical doctors and a chartered Accountant. The Marriage is further blessed with 5 grandchildren and still counting….

IAS: Describe your husband

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: My husband Dr. S.N.A. Idiaghe is the Medical Director of Anioma Hospital located at No 12 Memeh street, Boji- Boji Owa. He is my Father, he is a very kind and courageous gentleman. He is unassuming and a generous man. A wonderful Lover and the best father to the children. He is also my personal counsellor.

Above all, he is my all in all.

IAS: Any Administrative Experience? Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: A lot of it……

  • Desk officer/ Director, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) (2008-2010).
  • Member, Teaching Practice Committee (2008 to date).
  • Member, Result Verification Committee (2008 to 2010)
  • Member, Electoral Committee for NPE Students (2010)
  • Chairman, School of Education Welfare Committee (2010 to date)
  • Member, Protocol Committee during the 2nd Distinguished Lecture Seminar Delivered by Dr. E. U. Tibi on the 17th of October (2012)
  • Course Adviser/Signing of course form for 200 level students (2007 to date).
  • Member, Electoral Committee for Primary Education Studies Students (2008 to date)
  • Chairman, book project, primary Education Studies Department College of Education, Agbor. (2014)
  • Secretary to panel, School of Education Annual National Conference, College of Education, Agbor. (2014).
  • Member, Examination Monitoring Committee 2015 till date.
  • Member, Land Beautification and Ornament Committee College of Education Agbor. 2015 till date.
  • Chairman, Committee on Book Project Primary Education Studies 2014 till date.
  • Coordinator/Director, Teaching Practice DELSU Abraka Agbor Campus 2016 till date.
  • Chairman, Inspectorate Committee Staff Model Primary School Agbor 2016 till date.
  • South-South Zonal Coordinator (president) Association of Women in Colleges of Education Nigeria (WICE) 2016 till date.
  • Director, Sandwich unit, college of Education. Agbor 2018 till date.

IAS: Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe, teacher, wife and mother, who else is Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe?

Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: I’m also a counsellor, a Lay-Reader and a Philanthropist.

IAS: As a Lay-Reader in your Church, what are your functions?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: As a Lay-Reader in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), my functions are enormous and it include the following:

  1. Conducting service of the world (common worship).
  2. Reciting the Litany
  3. Act as the liturgical deacon at the Eucharist
  4. Publishing banns of marriage
  5. Preaching, teaching, and assisting in pastoral care
  6. Conducting funerals
  7. Distributing (though not presiding at) Holy communion
  8. Participation at other services as requested by their incumbent.

IAS: How do you socialize, Madam?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: As a proper Ika woman, I socialize a lot through different social/professional organizations that I belong to:

  • Member, Women Guild Anglican Communion (1981 to date)
  • Member, Mothers union, Anglican Communion (1984 to date)
  • Member, Women in Nigeria (WIN) (1988 -1995)
  • Member, Society for Women and Aids in Africa Nigerian Branch (SWAN) (1990-1996)
  • Vice President, Ute Okpu Ladies Association 1990-1996
  • Member, Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM)
  • Member, Association of Nigerian Academics (ANA)
  • Member, Nigerian Society for Educational Psychologist (NISEP)
  • Member, Curriculum Organization of Nigeria (CON)
  • Member, Ika Female Professional Forum Delta State.
  • Zonal coordinator, South/South Zone of the Women in Colleges of Education.

IAS: As an academic, how many Articles in Journals do you have to your credit?

Dr (Mrs) Idiaghe: Over sixty articles in National & International Journals, 5 text books, and 18 chapters in different textbooks.

IAS: What is your Research Focus?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: The relationship between parents and their children (parenting).

IAS: Who is your role model?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: Dame Margret Onyemakanor Obaigbena (the mother of Nduka Obaigbena of Thisday Newspapers).

IAS: Tell us about all these awards?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: I have received so many awards as you can see……

  1. The most punctual Teacher award in Marymount College Boji-Boji Owa for the 1999/2000 Academic year.
  2. Award of Excellence by Marymount College Boji-Boji Owa in recognition of my contribution to learning and Humanity 18th July 2009.
  3. Visited Jerusalem the Holy City, Capital of Israel on a pilgrimage in 2009. I am now addressed as Jerusalem pilgrim (JP).
  4. Ambassador of Peace award 1990
  5. Award of Honour and Recognition for outstanding performance by Anglican Youth fellowship, Cathedral Church of John, Agbor. 2000
  6. Award of honour presented by Ute Ladies National league in Recognition of my Philanthropic Activities on the 20th of August 2011.
  7. Leadership per Excellence award presented by Ambrose Ali University Alumni Association Agbor Branch on the 17th of December,2011.
  8. An award in Recognition of her diligent role in the service of God presented by St. John’s cathedral women 17th of December, 2011.
  9. The most Honoured and Respected Female Lecturer Award Presented by Delta State University Abraka, Agbor Campus in 2012.
  10. An award presented by St. John’s cathedral women in recognition of my diligent role in the service of God on the 11th of March 2012.

I must add too, that I value and appreciate all of them.

IAS: Which of them is Dearest to you?

Dr. (Mrs.) Idiaghe: Laughs……. All of them, but the two awards that I Reminisce about are that of: (a)The Most Punctual Teacher Award in Marymount College, Boji Boji Owa for the 1999/2000 Academic year and (b) The most Honoured and Respected Female Lecturer Award presented by Delta State University Abraka, Agbor Campus in 2012.

IAS: Any side hustling?

Dr.(Mrs.) Idiaghe: I’m a teacher and I remain a teacher.

IAS: Any political ambition?

Dr.(Mrs.) Idiaghe: No, for now. Moreover, I’m too soft for politics. Laughs!

IAS: Any State recognitions/ appointments?

Dr.(Mrs.) Idiaghe: Yes. (a) Member, Cycling Association of Nigeria, Delta State Branch. 2000 to date and (b) Coordinator/President Ugah Maiden Sports Agbor Delta State 2005.

IAS: My final question Madam… What is your “Nextlevel”?

Dr.(Mrs.) Idiaghe: Before I answer your “Nextlevel” question, Mr Ewere Okonta, I must say that I’m very happy and privileged to be your Ika Amazon guest of the day. I thank you for finding me worthy and I pray to God to take you to greater heights.

My “Nextlevel” is to serve God with all that I have.


Mrs. Idiaghe Juliana (PhD) is presently the Director of Sandwich programme in the College of Education, Agbor. The first femal PhD holder from Idumuesah. A Chief Lecturer in the School of Education, a lecturer with the Delta State University, Abraka in affiliation with College of Education, Agbor, and a Visiting lecturer with the National Open University of Nigeria. She is the South – South coordinator of Women in Colleges of Education in Nigeria (WICE). A proud and an award winning teacher. A humble but yet a brave woman. The only crime you can accused her of is her humility. A mother. A wife. A trailblazer. A Lay-Reader and a worker in the vineyard of God. A role model. One of the finest Amazons from Ika Nation. Her story is a classic example of humility, hardwork, perseverance, focus and determination. She lives a life of contentment. In the course of our research on her for this little job, ninety percent (90%) of our respondents agree that her strongest point is her HUMILITY. This virtue is what everyone needs in high dosage if one is aspiring to the top. Amazon Mrs.Idiaghe Juliana (PhD), congratulations and best wishes on your INDUCTION INTO THE IKA AMAZON HALL OF FAME 2019.

© Ewere Okonta