“Don’t let go of your dreams. If you have determination And belief in your dreams, You will succeed in spite Of your desire to let go” - Catherine Pulsifer.

FAILURE. That is one word that most people dread. Everyone wants to be a success. We want to be liked and admired. But that dreaded word always pops up. Failure. This experience is strong enough to make you want to quit and start a new life.

It is no different for any entrepreneur, or anyone trying to make something special out of his/her life. Whether it is getting ahead in one’s career or losing weight or even in one’s marital life.

Success takes time and effort.

You may fail many times; you will fail before you are successful. Ask just anybody who has become successful if he has ever failed at any aspect of his journey. Chances are you will get quite a few stories of missteps and blunders.

The difference between long-term success and failure is the reaction to it. Someone said so many years ago that “winners find a way to overcome the obstacles and persevere after failure “ There is a need to change the view on failure.

It is not always something to be avoided. It is a chance to learn from something that does not work! It is not always reaching the destination that defines the man (woman), but the journey that is taken to get there. The biggest success has gone through the biggest failures.

If you are struggling in your career or in your business … or even if you are looking for small business opportunities …do not be afraid to try out things that are “new” or “different” and perhaps even fly in the face of conventional wisdom. The worst thing that can happen is failure… which is just a chance to learn and grow. To illustrate this point, our today’s Amazon Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth refers me to the quote of Thomas Edison: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”. I cannot agree less with her.

From the beginning:

IAS: May we meet you, Madam?

Today’s Amazon: I’m Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth. Originally, from Onicha Uku Village in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State. But I have lived all my life in Ika land, I did my primary and my Secondary Schools here, I’m still living here with my entire family and to crown it all; I’m married to an Owa Prince. So, Ewere Okonta my brother, I’m a full blooded Ika woman. I was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Okolo Nwaelu. I was 5th child in a family of five girls and a lone son.

IAS: What was your upbringing like?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: Very tough. I grew up in my elder brother’s house (Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Okolo) here in Agbor. My father died when I was in my Junior Secondary School One. I was a very dull student. As a child, at a time I was thinking of running away from home. I condemned myself before everybody. I felt that I was not good enough, not talented nor smart enough for anything.

But thank God for his mercies and grace upon my life. God is good.

IAS: Which Primary School did you attend?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: I attended Alasi Primary School, Agbor from 1985-1992.

IAS: Which Secondary School did you attend?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: I attended the prestigious Marymount College, Agbor from 1992-1998.

IAS: What was your first career choice?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: I had no ambition of furthering my Education not until I met my husband. But I was very good at sewing. Also very good in mathematics.

One man keeps on encouraging me!

IAS: Let’s talk about this man, that you keep on calling?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: I call him my “Triple P”

My Prince! My Pastor! My Prophet!

He is Prince George-Efeizomor my beloved husband. The father of my wonderful and cherished Children. Presently, he is the Chief Security Officer(CSO) to the Executive Governor of Delta State, His Excellency Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa.

IAS: How is marriage life?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: Very peaceful. Very blissful. There is nothing as sweet as when you marry your sweetheart and best friend.

Me and my “Triple P” got married in 2002. To the glory of God, the marriage is blessed with 5 beautiful girls.

IAS: Considering your husband’s background as a Prince of the Owa Kingdom, I hope you are not under any pressure to have a male child?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: No. Not at all. My husband and his family are very happy and supportive to us. Besides, my father in-law, the Obi of Owa Kingdom, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY OBI EFEIZOMOR (PhD), OBI AGU, is a highly educated and gender friendly monarch.

IAS: Let’s talk about your Tertiary Educational background.

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth:

  1. Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State: Ordinary National Diploma, Accounting, 2002
  2. Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State: Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) Business Administration, 2015

IAS: Why did you venture into water business?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: Hmmmm. Water is life. Actually, I had always wanted to support my husband in my own little way, I hate being a sit at home wife. When we were living at the Police Barrack in Port Harcourt, I started with the selling of recharge cards under an umbrella stand and in no time I started selling pure water and soft drinks. Business was good. I started carrying full trucks of water as the patronage increased. Boom!

Noid Table Water came to be!

Presently, we are into the production of sachet pure water and bottled water. Our factory is located at No 2 Idumuebor Quarter, Owa Alero. We are producing at full capacity.

IAS: What is your staff strength?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: 18 direct staff including the Drivers and the machine operators.

IAS: How do you manage your staff to ensure optimization?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: I grouped my staff into two categories:

  1. My beloved workers and
  2. Ordinary workers.

My beloved workers: They are the hardworking and smart workers. They work with minimal supervisions. They always strive to meet up with the company’s goals and objectives. Highly responsible and honest workers.

Ordinary workers: They are the lazy and dishonest workers. They are the “eye service” workers. Very quarrelsome set of workers. They are toxic people.

IAS: How do you motivate them?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: I motivate them through the following ways:

  1. I set targets for them, once you meet up with the target you take the prize.
  2. For the beloved workers, I take care of their medical bills.
  3. We cook food in the factory sometimes for the workers.
  4. Anytime I travel, I must buy gifts for my beloved workers.
  5. I listen and attend to their individual needs.
  6. I establish personal relationships with my beloved workers.

IAS: Who is your role model?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: My “Triple P”, Prince George Efeizomor and Deaconess Mrs F N Okolo.

IAS: Your best quote?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me”

IAS: Any political ambition?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: Why not? So long as my husband approves of it.

IAS: Tell us about your Christian faith.

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: I and my family worship at the LIVING FAITH CHURCH: WINNERS CHAPEL, OWA-OYIBU.

IAS: What is your philosophy to Giving?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: I give to win souls for Christ, for God loves a cheerful giver.

IAS: Madam, what is your “Nextlevel”?

Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth: Mr Ewere Okonta, God bless you for the nice work that you are doing in showcasing Ika Women in your Ika Amazon Series. I’m honoured to be your Guest of the day and for those that found me worthy to be nominated, may they find favour in the sight of the Lord. Amen. My “Nextlevel” is to take NOID TABLE WATER TO THE NEXTLEVEL.


Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth is the CEO of GEFNOID NIGERIA ENTERPRISE, the producers of NOID TABLE WATER, No 2 Idumuebor Quarter, Owa Alero, Delta State. She is a Princess of the Owa Kingdom. A virtuous wife. A mother and a soul winner for Christ. She is an Entrepreneur with a royal touch. A role model. A pathfinder and a torchbearer. An Amazon from Ika Nation.

Her story is that of a nobody to a Princess. Very inspirational and soul lifting. She attributes her modest achievements in life to God and to “Triple P”, her Prince, her Pastor and her Prophet (Prince Efeizomor George) her beloved husband.

Amazon Princess Efeizomor-George Elizabeth, congratulations and best wishes on your INDUCTION INTO THE IKA AMAZON HALL OF FAME 2019.

© Ewere Okonta