“Your true success in life Begins only when you Make the commitment To become excellent At what you do” -Brian Tracy

It is quite unusual to hear about real “failure to success stories” or real life success stories. There are many faces you may see around and think they have never felt pain nor failed before, simply because they happen to live flamboyant lifestyles.

Wait till they tell you their stories…


Just as we all know that life is a journey. Life is an expedition we do not know when and where it ends. By acknowledging some of the real life success stories in your life you would be inspired to keep on pursuing your goals. Even when you do not have good conditions to succeed, do not quit because eventually, you will wipe yourself clean from the dust! However, your life story will end the day you take your last breath. It might be one of the “failure to success” stories to people around you or the world at large. But now, so far as you are alive, there is hope.


Today, I would like to share with you the real story of our today’s Amazon who has made it nicely in her life. Her story is a valuable lesson to us. As you live today, ask yourself, “what kind of legacy am I living behind?” “What will people remember me for?” It actually extends to everyone who knows you. Your children, family, co-workers and even strangers.

Those celebrity figures who have made great impacts in life are mere humans like you and I. Their success stories began from a tiny bubble, but they worked so hard to be successful. Are you ready to write your stories with beautiful endings like our IKA AMAZONS? All our Guests in IKA AMAZON SERIES are real life success stories. Most especially our today’s Amazon Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem who had a small beginning with great ending. You too can accomplish greater heights if you are so passionate about your goals.

From the beginning:

IAS: May we meet you, Madam?

Today’s Amazon: I’m Mrs. Joy ijegbulem Nimem. I was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ijegbulem from Idumuesah in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. My parents were teachers. Before the death of my Dad, he retired as a headmaster while my Mom also retired as a headmistress both from the Delta State Teaching Service Board. I was the seventh child in a family of six boys and two girls. But the two most senior ones are late. It may also interest you to note that we are all graduates. One of my brothers is a priest of the catholic church (Rev Father Andrew Ijegbulem, the Parish Priest of St. Augustine Catholic Church, Ute Ogbeje). All thanks to my parents who ensured that we got the best education they could afford.

IAS: How was your growing up like?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: Very normal. My parents were able to provide for our basic needs. They ensured that we never lacked. At least food was taken for granted. Our Education was guaranteed. But as a child followed her entrepreneurial instincts, I did sell oranges and roasted corn to the displeasure of my parents. After school hours, I rushed down to my Auntie’s tailoring workshop to stay with her. But me I no send!

IAS: Which primary school did you attend?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: I attended Alasi Primary School, Agbor. From 1989-1995.

IAS: Which Secondary School did you attend?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: I attended the prestigious Marymount College, Agbor. From 1995-2001

IAS: What was your first career choice?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: Medical Microbiology.

IAS: Why?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: One of my aunties then who read that course influenced me to read it. We call her Auntie Ogorwan Onyekpe she now resides in the United State of America (USA).

IAS: Tell us about your tertiary educational background?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: I attended Enugu State University of Science Technology (ESUT) for my degree programme, I obtained BSc in Microbiology and Brewing in 2007.

IAS: In which State did you do your National Youth Service?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: I did my National Youth Service in Benue State in 2008/2009.

IAS: Tell us about your experience during the National Service.

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: I served at the College of Education, Oju in Uturu Local Government Area of Benue State. I had a pleasant experience during my Service year. The little ‘allowee’ that I saved was what I used to enrolled myself at Liz fashion School, Uturu in Benue State. Liz fashion School was close to the College of Education where I served, so it was convenient for me to shuttle between work and the fashion school. You know I told you earlier that I had a background in tailoring, so it was easier for me to blend. The owner of the School was so good with her work; very professional and dedicated. At the end of the training programme, I became a certified Seamstress. While other Corps members were coming out with one certificate I came out with two. A certificate and a ‘Sabificate’.

That is, the National Youth Service Corp discharge Certificate and a ‘Sabificate’ as a Seamstress.

IAS: Madam, why did you abandon your training as a Microbiologist for ‘thread and needle’?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: I don’t know what you mean by ‘thread and needle’. But I do know that am a fashionista. To the glory of God, I’m the CEO of JF Fashion Homes and the Managing Director of JF Fashion School located here in Benin-City. I have passion for fashion. The love of making things with my own hands. The joy of working with different colours. The beauty of being my own Boss. The feeling of impacting my skills to people. The sense of creating and seeing my creations. The money it brings too is also very important. Mr. Ewere Okonta, these are the reasons why I’m doing what I’m doing.

IAS: Tell us about JF Fashion Homes.

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: JF Fashion Homes is located at Covenant Street W, Off Upper Mission Road Extension, Uteh Ekoko, Benin-City, Edo State, Nigeria. We are into clothes making for Unisex. We are specialists in both English and Traditional African wears. Our training school also afford our students the opportunities of learning the art of dress making and becoming their own Bosses. To the glory of God, we have over 39 students. The satisfaction of our clients is our ultimate goal.

IAS: How do you manage your Students?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: Every day, I commit them and the business into God’s hand through prayers, meditations, Bible study and praise and worship. It has been working for us.

IAS: How is marriage life?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: Very peaceful. I got married to my beloved husband on April 10th, 2010.

The marriage is blessed with 5 wonderful children (3boys and 2 girls)

IAS: Madam, describe your husband for us

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: My husband, Mr. Nimem Francis is a native of Owa Oyibu in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. He is my Prince. A lovely, funny, calculative, determined gentleman.

He is my best friend and my hero.

IAS: How do you socialize?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: Through the Social Media, with my Clients and with my Students.

IAS: Who is your Role Model?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: My Mom. Mrs. Caroline Amuzim Ijegbulem.

IAS: What is your philosophy about giving?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: When you give, you receive more.

IAS: Tell us about your Christian faith.

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: I’m a Catholic. I worship at the Assumption Parish, Benin-City. I’m a member of the Catholic Women Organization (CWO), a Chorister and a Lay Reader. The Secretary to the Pages of the Blessed Sacrament.

IAS: What is your best Biblical quote?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: Psalm 150

IAS: What advice do you have for the unemployed youths?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: They should put God first. They should dream their dreams and work towards actualizing them. Though certificate is good, they should as well strive to learn skills (Sabificate) to become their own Boss like me. They should have a focus and keep good company. they should stay away from societal vices like Drug abuse, Prostitution, Examination Malpractice, Cultism and Human Trafficking.

IAS: Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem, a mother, wife and a fashionista. Who else is Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: I’m also a Hairdresser, Teacher, Singer and a motivational speaker.

IAS: What drives you as a person?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: God and fashions.

IAS: It’s nice talking with you, but before I let you go; what is your ‘Nextlevel’?

Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem: Mr. Ewere Okonta, I thank you for the wonderful job that you are doing with your IKA AMAZON SERIES. I have been following your activities online, you are doing great. God will bless you. IKA AMAZON SERIES will move to the Next level. Personally, I see it as a very big honour and privileged to be your Guest and to my Friend Constance Nkiruka (Cossy Cakes) that found me worthy to be nominated, I say kudos to her! My ‘Nextlevel’ is to become a Television Presenter and take JF Fashion Home to the ‘Nextlevel’


Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem is the CEO of JF Fashion Homes and the Executive Director JF Fashion Academy located at Covenant Street W, Off Upper Mission Road Extension, Uteh Ekoko, Benin-City. She is a home maker. An entrepreneur and Fashionista. A wife, mother and a Teacher. A trained medical Microbiologist that has embraced ‘thread and needle’ profession by rebranding it and taking it to the Next level. She is a virtuous woman, a role model, highly cerebral and an Amazon from Ika Nation. Her story is an inspiring one. We have learnt from her story the wisdom in starting small and ending big.

Amazon Mrs. Joy Ijegbulem Nimem congratulations and best wishes on your INDUCTION INTO THE IKA AMAZON HALL OF FAME 2019.

© Ewere Okonta