CHIEF MRS PATIENCE OLAYINKA MOSERI. -Proprietress, Royal Academy Group of Schools, Agbor.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that Comes from focusing On what excites you”. - Oprah Winfrey.

Realistically, the secret to success is not luck or destiny, rather it is as simple as hardwork and perseverance which can help you reach your big dreams and even change the world no matter what you are doing now or where you are from. It is easy to look at all the successful people as they are on a higher level than you… that they are just born to succeed, and that your success is nothing but a fairy tale.

But when you take a real look at how these people came to be where they are, you will notice that most of them started with nothing just like you and I right now but a heck of a strong will. Of course, not everyone has the tenacity to wheel themselves to change on their own. Some of us need that extra bit of help, people who support us through the radical change we want, to push us over the “tipping point”. There is a ton of tools at our disposal and one of them is unleashing the “Power Within”.

With Chief Moses Suberu Uboh, the Akwe of Ekuku Agbor as your biological father, you will discover how to transform your limiting beliefs, adding new meaning and depth to your life. He was more than just a father to his children – He creates a new vision for them.

In unleashing the “Power Within”, Chief M.S.C. Uboh, also showed and taught the children the following:

  1. To break old patterns and destroy limiting beliefs
  2. To become decisive people who take massive and intelligent actions.
  3. To condition themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically to create staggering results.
  4. To have more confidence and self-esteem.
  5. To generate more passion and enthusiasm.
  6. To develop new communication skills.
  7. To discover what drives and what holds them back.
  8. To become aware of the higher purpose of their lives.
  9. And much more.

So it was under this great teacher, traditionalist, socialite, philanthropist, community leader and a father that our own Patience learnt her life surviving skills from. Yes! She learnt from a world famous teacher! Chief M.S.C. Uboh, the Akwe of Ekuku Agbor, her father. An apple does not fall far from its tree!

How it all started:

Patience Olayinka Moseri was born in Lagos into the family of Chief Moses Suberu Uboh and Chief Mrs Maria Uboh. She did her primary school education in Lagos Premier Day School, Lagos. She graduated in flying colours.

Her father, Chief M.S.C. Uboh felt that her children were being “Yorubanised” and that her first female child must go back home to learn the culture and languages of his people. So for her secondary education, he had only one choice for her- The prestigious Baptist Girls High School, Agbor.

She graduated with an impressive result and she was immediately admitted into the Great University of Benin (Uniben) in the department of sociology for her degree programme. It was while in Uniben, that she married her heartthrob Dr L J Moseri, a medical Doctor. The former Medical Director of the defunct Royal Hospital, Agbor. The marriage is blessed with four wonderful children. Three boys and one girl. The children are all doing wonderfully well in their chosen professions and are all based in the United State of America. It was immediately after her graduation from the University, that she was employed with the then Bendel State Teaching Service Board. Her career as a teacher lasted briefly for a period of twelve years before she resigned.

IAS: Why did you resign from your teaching job? Chief Pat Moseri: I was not having the satisfaction as a teacher. I was retrogressing as a person. It was no longer challenging for me as a career and at a time I felt that maybe my teaching methodology was bad but actually it was the entire academic system that was poor. So I quit.

IAS: So you quit?

Chief Pat Moseri: Yes! And I went into private business. I registered my own company Stega International Limited.

IAS: What is the area of interest of Stega International Limited? Chief Pat Moseri: Construction, Real Estate, Petroleum, and General Contractor to the Federal and State Government.

IAS: Why did you venture into the establishment of Schools? Chief Pat Moseri: Well…hmmm… after I resigned from my teaching job, I went back to school (Uniben) for my Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) to equip myself with teaching methodology. Since I wanted to give back to my society, I felt the best way to do s0 is through massive investment in Education.

In 2007, I established my school, Royal Academy Group of Schools, Agbor, Delta State.

IAS: What is your students’ strength? Chief Pat Moseri: About 800+

IAS: What is your staff strength?

Chief Pat Moseri: About 70+ and that includes both the teaching and non-teaching staff.

IAS: How do you motivate your staff?

Chief Pat Moseri: Well as a Leader I have my own ways of motivating my subordinates and these include the following:

  1. Understanding your Staff: A leader should understand their qualifications, abilities, skills, …of staff to assign “right people right work”. Leaders need to know individual strength and weakness of member; staff can do very well when put in positions that suit them best.
  2. Keeping open lines of communication for Staff: In all circumstance, communication is key to make people closer. As a leader, I listen to ideas of the staff because employees feel more connected to the progression of the business and thus more connected to the business and thus more motivated to contribute to its future. I operate an “open door policy”.
  3. Never criticizing or seeking error: As a leader, if you want to do a breakdown spirit of staff, pointing out their mistake is very effective. Leaders should use indirect methods; make them repair their mistake and progress.
  4. Having some small presents: I recognize the efforts of all staff. When a staff does well I reward him or her.

IAS: As an Educationist and a School Administrator, what do you think is responsible for the falling standard in Education? Chief Pat Moseri: ‘There are so many and these include:

  • Students poor attitude to learning.
  • Students poor aptitude to learning.
  • Corrupt parents who encourage their children to engaged in Examination malpractices.
  • And finally, the overemphasis on paper qualifications.

IAS: What is Royal Academy Group of Schools doing differently to improve the standard of Education? Chief Pat Moseri: So many and these include:

  1. Creating a conducive environment for teaching and learning.
  2. Zero tolerance for Examination malpractices.
  3. Employing well qualified and motivated staff.
  4. Providing affordable and qualitative Education.
  5. Offering of scholarship to well deserving students.

IAS: Is Royal Academy transforming to a higher institution in the nearest future? Chief Pat Moseri: No. The emphasis for now is on foundational education.

IAS: You have received so many awards. Which of these awards do you value most?

Chief Pat Moseri: In fairness to you, my brother, I value all these awards. But the one that is dearest to me is the one from my Church: The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Ecclesiastical Province of Bendel. It was an award of honour received on the 5th of April in the year of our Lord 2014 in recognition of my contribution to the growth and development of God’s Church.

IAS: Who is your role model?

Chief Pat Moseri: My late father Chief Moses Suberu Uboh.

IAS: What is your philosophy about giving?

Chief Pat Moseri: Wow! For me, to give is to live. The hands of the giver are always at the top.

IAS: Chief, thank you for talking with us. But before I let you go, what is your “Nextlevel”

Chief Pat Moseri: God bless you, my son, Ewere Okonta you are doing a great job by celebrating Ika women. Back to your question of my “Nextlevel” hmmmm… it’s to finish the ultramodern state of art school that I’m presently building in my home town Ekuku Agbor.

Note from us:

Chief Mrs Patience Olayinka Moseri is presently the MD, CEO Stega International Limited, the Proprietress of Royal Academy Group of Schools, a member of the Agbor Traditional Council of Chiefs (the Ugochukwutumeonye 1 of Agbor Kingdom). She is an employer of labour. A role model. An inspirational leader. A trailblazer. A newsmaker. A philanthropist. A bridge builder. And a proud Amazon from Ika Nation. God knows what would have been the fate of Education in Ika Nation if not for the quick interventions of people like her.

Amazon Chief Patience Olayinka Moseri, Congratulations and best wishes on your induction into the IKA AMAZON HALL OF FAME 2019.

© Ewere Okonta