Dr. Mrs. Calroline O. Nwaham

Mrs Caroline Obioma Nwaham (Ph.D) - CEO Perky Guest House.

"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to loose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart" - Steve Jobs

Zero to hero stories are not uncommon in this part of the World, they abound everywhere and in different levels. Many great men or women have tales of humble beginning to tell, a fact that buttresses the saying that " nothing good comes easy". It is even a common adage in my town that " He who craves to be tall would not mind to have tiny legs". So, it is believed that greatness and success come carrying a huge baggage sorry tales. While many tell their zero to hero stories to the world to give strength to failing hearts and burdened souls, others do so to gloat and brag from their new position of strength, wealth or power, whichever the case is. More often than not, these tales of zero to hero reflects hardwork, tenacity, perseverance and staunch determination!

Caro as she is fondly called by her friends and close colleagues, believes in following and creating her dreams when others believes in waiting for windfalls. While others were dreaming with their eyes tightly shut in the comforts of their homes, her dreams followed her everywhere she goes. - From Umunede to Ekuku Agbor to Agbor down to Port Harcourt, to Aba, Onitsha then back to Agbor. Her environment could not stop her from dreaming, no, she dreamt everyday until her dreams materialized.

How it all began:

It all started from the ancient commercial town of Umunede when the little baby Caro was born on the 1st of October, 1960 into the family of Mr and Mrs Nkwa Okoh of Ilege quarters in Umunede, Delta State. At quite an early age, Caro realized her ends would not meet if she kept waiting for her struggling Mother to do everything for her. Since she could not even recall the memories of her Father who died when she was barely four years old. The young Caro knew she could not forfeit Education no matter what her situation dictated, she had to create her own rhymes and dance to the outcome, she grabbed her fate with both hands and made some life changing decisions that did just that - changed her life. After so much pressure, the Mother enrolled her at Onyeagwu Primary School, Umunede in 1969.

Why the pressure?

Because of the age long African belief of not training a girl child in school. In those days, it was an aberration to do otherwise. While in the Primary school, she discovered her natural instinct for Entrepreneurship. At this level, she woke up as early as 3am to cook and tied Rice which she hawked every Saturdays. She also went to school with the following items for sale: fried groundnuts, oranges etc. On every Ogbe market day, her mother (late Mrs Cecilia Okoh) always carried her clothes and other materials which were usually used to sell goods after school. Because of her physic and natural beauty, she has already started attracting suitors even when she was in Primary five. She rejected those early suitors because none of them was able to give her a guarantee of furthering her Education. She finished her primary school in 1975 and proceeded to Ekuku Agbor Grammar School, Ekuku Agbor (EGS) for her Secondary Education.

Why Ekuku Agbor Grammar School?

She smiles! She recalled her experience: she said she was initially offered admission at Ede Grammar School Umunede, but that the Principal then been a man of diminutive size was intimidated by her heights, and he sarcastically said " ha if I should admits this one, she will beat me up oo" and that was how she lost the admission at Ede Grammar School before she proceeded to Ekuku Agbor Grammar school where she was warmly received and admitted in 1975. She graduated in 1980 with flying colours. From 1980 to 1983, she was at the College of Education, Agbor, for her National Certificate in Education (NCE) programme where she studied Biology/ Chemistry.

She is married with five Children.

Mrs Caroline Nwaham (Ph.D) is currently a Chief Lecturer in the Department of Educational Foundation and Administration, College of Education, Agbor. The Coordinator, Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, Delta State University Degree Programme in affiliation with College of Education, Agbor.

She is an alpha female personality and a multidisciplinary woman. She is a (an):

  • Entrepreneur
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Farmer
  • Teacher
  • Writer/ Author
  • Philanthropist.

Mrs Caroline Nwaham (Ph.D) as an alpha female:

She is a woman who has embraced her leadership ambitions. She is talented, highly motivated and self - confident.

  1. She believes her ability to achieve is limitless.
  2. She has a confidence that is contagious which leads others to respect her as an equal.
  3. She showcases leadership characteristics.
  4. She has an extremely high positive ambitions.

Mrs Caroline Nwaham (Ph.D) as an Entrepreneur:

She started her Entrepreneurial pursuits as stated earlier from the Primary School. During her Secondary Education at Ekuku Agbor Grammar school, during holidays she sold crayfish to keep herself busy. During her degree programme at the University of Port Harcourt, she borrowed five hundred naira (#500) in 1987 to start a business of buying and selling of bags, shoes, plain and pattern materials, cooking utensils, umbrellas etc from Aba. She was able to grew the business to a multimillion naira business before she quits from it. As a Secondary School Teacher, she sold Egg roll and Bons and this made the Students to nicknamed her Eggroll. From the profits made from these business she was able to venture into other businesses. - Real Estate, Hospitality/ Tourism. She bought her first ladies machine at four thousand naira (#4000) in 1988, bought her first Car at (#95,000) in 1993 with her good negotiation skills, the Car seller agreed to spread payments for over a period of six months.

Mrs Caroline Nwaham ( Ph.D) as an investor in Real Estate/ Hospitality and Tourism industry:

She is currently the Founder and CEO of Perky Guest House, Agbor. A guest house she started in year 2000, with four bedroom flats, now has three upstairs with thirty eight rooms (all rooms ensuite). She has an eye to pick real estate that are worthless at the point of purchase, turned it into a worthwhile investment at the point of sales. She has the magic formula of investing a partly sum of fifty five thousand naira (#55,000) in real estate, sold it for fourteen million naira (#14m) over time. - Is only Dr Nwaham does that and willing to teach others how to replicate such magical feats. She is a genius in real estate investment. She can never be wrong with real estate.

Mrs Caroline Nwaham (Ph.D) as a farmer:

She sees Agriculture as a pleasurable vocation. And profitable as well. She is into Fish and Poultry farming in large scale.

Mrs Caroline Nwaham (Ph.D) as a Teacher:

She has over thirty four years teaching experience. Her teaching career started at Owa Oyibu Secondary School, Owa Oyibu, in 1984. She has taught at Marymount College and Ika Grammar school all in Agbor. Currently, a Chief Lecturer with the Department of Educational Foundation and Administration, College of Education, Agbor.

Her life as a Writer/ Author:

She is a prolific writer who has authored and coauthored fifteen (15) Textbooks, twenty nine (29) Journals and nineteen (19) Conference Papers.

Educational Institutions attended with dates:

  1. Onyeagwu Primary School, Umunede. 1969-1975
  2. Ekuku Agbor Grammar school. 1975-1980
  3. College of Education, Agbor. 1980- 1983
  4. University of Port Harcourt. 1987-1990
  5. University of Port Harcourt. 1991-1997
  6. Delta State University, Abraka. 2001-2004

Academic Qualifications obtained with dates:

  1. type="i">First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) 1975
  2. West African School Certificate (WASC) 1980
  3. Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) 1983
  4. B.Sc(Ed) Educational Mgt & Planning. 1990
  5. M.Ed, Educational Administration. 1997
  6. Ph.D, Educational Administration. 2004
  7. Certificate in Computer Appreciation. 2005

Professional Body:

  • Member, Nigeria Institute of Management
  • Member, Nigeria Primary And Teacher Education Association
  • Member, National Association for Research and Development (NARD)
  • Member, Science Teachers Association of Nigeria
  • Member, Association of Women in Colleges of Education (WICE) Agbor chapter.
  • Member, Association for Encouraging Qualitative Education in Nigeria.

Administrative positions held:

  1. Former Chairperson, Women in Colleges of Education, WICE
  2. Former Treasurer, College of Education Co-operative Society ( COESCOS)
  3. Former Treasurer, College of Education Academic Staff Union ( COEASU)
  4. Former, Director COEDAG Ventures Ltd
  5. Former, Secretary General, Umunede Progressive Union (UPU)
  6. Former, Treasurer, Umunede Progressive Union (UPU)
  7. coordinator, Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, College of Education, Agbor in affiliation with Delta State University, Abraka.

Dear people of the world, join me to celebrate this Amazon from Ika Land. A trailblazer, a role model, a wealth Creator and a philanthropist.

The first female member of Obi - ln - Council, Umunede.

Interviewer: What is your 'nextlevel' Dr Nwaham?

She sharply answered: To become a Professor before I retire.

Congratulations and Best wishes, Amazon Mrs Caroline Obioma Nwaham (Ph.D).

© Ewere Okonta