Dr. Mrs. Ayodele O. Okobia

Mrs Ayodele O. Okobia (Ph.D.) -Deputy Director, Consultancy Service Division, College of Education, Agbor.

“Though the Road’s been rocky, It sure feels good to me” - Bob Marley.

The soul –stirring music of Jamaican singer – songwriter and guitarist Bob Marley comes from a place of positivity: Marley’s song conveys his deeply-held vision of life as a journey to endure with joy. Like our own Auntie Ayo, she believes there is no road to happiness, for it lies in the moment you are living. Auntie Ayo overcame the conditions of poverty on her native home of Ekuku-Agbor. Presently, she is a vanguard for happiness, peace, knowledge, wealth, hard work, perseverance, determination and love to the world, becoming the first female PhD to rise from her lineage. She says “to be candid, I quickly realized very early in life, that, to be successful in life requires perseverance, God’s grace, and determination. There is no secret to success, but by working hard”.

From the beginning:

Ayodele Okobia was born on November 11th, 1962 in Ekuku-Agbor, by an illiterate but hardworking mother who named her Ayodele which means my Joy follows me home in Yoruba language. Since the day she was born, the Mom vowed that she must double her hustling to provide the best for her last child, Ayo. The mom had always admired the lives of Teachers and she vowed that God keeping her in good health, she must see to it that her dear “Ayodele” became a Teacher. In 1970, she was enrolled into Omie Primary School, Ekuku-Agbor for her Primary School Education. During her stays in the Primary School, she never had the opportunity of wearing school sandals. - Because the mom could not afford such luxury. She could only afford the necessities which were school uniform and slate. Her Secondary School Education:

In 1977, she was admitted into Ekuku-Agbor Grammar School, Ekuku-Agbor. She worked very hard in School and at home to help her Mom who had no male child to help her in the farm. So the farm work fell on Auntie Ayo and her senior siblings. She must wake up every other day to fry two basins of garri before going to school. These initially affected her academic performance in school but because she had promised not to disappoint her Mom, she worked extra hard to improve on her falling grades. During Christmas seasons, the Mom would ask her and her siblings to choose between Christmas clothes and school uniforms. Others would choose Christmas clothes but Auntie Ayo would choose school uniform. And this made her more endeared to her Mom. She graduated from the secondary school in 1982 and came out in flying colours. At this time, she was now ready to face the world, and to achieve her dreams of becoming a Teacher.

Was it your dream or your Mom’s dream?

She smiles! And said “initially it was my Moms dream for me. But later…hmmm… you know as a child growing up in the village Teachers were the most respected set of people, so I fell in love with that Profession”. From 1983 to 1985, she was at Owa Oyibu Teachers Training College to be trained and certified as a Teacher.

In 1986, she married her sweetheart Mr. Jacob Ndidi Okobia. A Senior Deputy Registrar with the College of Education, Agbor. A seasoned administrator and an orator of high repute. He is also a Pastor and the first Senior Deputy Registrar from Ekuku-Agbor. The marriage is blessed with a lone child. - Ewere Louis Okobia an Asaba based successful businessman. And this lend credence to the Ika adage that said “jaja ja wu nwa, ajen ni obuke oda” which means (“it is better to have a lone child or few children that are responsible, than to have multitude of children that are irresponsible”). The marriage is further blessed with four healthy grandchildren and still counting!

Describe your husband in a few words?

She laughs! “he is my pillar, a very intelligent man and I love him so much”

In 1989, she gained admission into the College of Education, Agbor for her Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programme.

In 1991, motherluck smiled at her as she was employed into the services of the College of Education, Agbor with her TC11 certificate as a primary school Teacher in the Staff Model Primary School. This marked a turning point in her life; she now combined: motherhood, career with her studies.

The verdict is out!

In motherhood she scored A with the fantastic upbringing she gave to her son.

In career she scored A. From Primary School Teacher to a University Lecturer.

In her studies she equally scores an A. She has attained the highest level of Education: A PhD holder.

Presently, Mrs Okobia Ayodele (PhD) is a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Social Studies, College of Education, Agbor. The Deputy Director, Consultancy Service Division of the College. She is very gregarious and this made people wonder how she is able to marry her social life with her academic attainments. She is a multidisciplinary woman. She is a (an):

  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Teacher
  • Singer/Dancer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Worker in the vineyard of God
  • Philanthropist
  • Writer/Author

Mrs Okobia Ayodele (PhD) as a Teacher:

She rose through the rank as a TC11 Teacher in the Staff Model Primary School, College of Education Agbor, to the enviable rank of a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Social Studies, College of Education, Agbor. She also lectures Degree Students of Delta State University. She loves her job and she doing excellently well in it.

Mrs Okobia Ayodele (PhD) as a Singer/Dancer:

In 1986, she toyed with the ideal of going professional with her music career. She actually did!

She was the lead vocalist with “Otu Odinani Cultural Dance Group, Ekuku-Agbor”. They released an album titled “Okwu Enu Agwu” in 1986. That music still remains evergreen. Presently, she is concentrating her energy in singing and dancing for Christ in her Church.

Mrs Okobia Ayodele (PhD) as an Entrepreneur:

My late Mom (Madam Omejuu) always said this about her: “Ayo Wenem Amarinka Enya Afia” (“Ayo my sister is an expert in trading”). This saying still holds water till today. As she is into buying and selling of Senegalese, Nigerian and Dutch wax materials. She is also into real estate investments.

As a worker in the Vineyard of God:

She co-founded a Church with her husband called Unity Fellowship Ministry, aka Center for the needy. Here, God is using them for signs and wonders. Healing is taking place. Salvation is being preached. Hurting souls are being comforted. The needy are being cared for. Praise be to God!

Her Philosophy about Philanthropy:

She refers me to 2Corinthians 9: 6-8.” Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and whoever sows generously will reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion for God loves a cheerful giver”. Auntie Ayo gives freely and generously.

As a writer/Author:

She a prolific writer who has authored and coauthored many books. She has presented academic papers in various conferences.

Her role model:

Pastor (Mrs) Josephine Iyeh.

Educational Institutions attended with dates:

  1. Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki 2013-2017
  2. Delta State University, Abraka 2006 -2008
  3. Delta State University, Abraka 1997 -2003
  4. College of Education, Agbor 1989 -1993
  5. College of Education, Agbor 2004
  6. Owa Oyibu Teachers Training College 1983 -1985

Educational Qualifications Obtained with dates:

  1. PhD, (SOS EDU) 2017
  2. M.Ed, (SOS EDU) 2008
  3. BSc Ed, (SOS EDU) 2003
  4. NCE, (SOS EDU) 1993
  5. Certificate in Computer Science 2004
  6. Teacher Grade Certificate 1985

Administrative Positions held:

  1. Deputy Director, Consultancy Service Division, COE, Agbor 2018 till date.
  2. Member, Students Welfare and Disciplinary Committee (SWDC)
  3. Member, Result Verification Committee
  4. Assistant Head Mistress, SMPS, COE, Agbor 2006 -2009
  5. Treasurer, Agbor Community Union 2017 till date
  6. President, Ekuku Ladies, Agbor Branch 2017 till date

Membership in Professional/ Social bodies:

  • Member, Social Studies Association of Nigeria
  • Member, Women in Colleges of Education
  • Member, Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union(COEASU)
  • Member, Dynamic Ladies, Agbor
  • Member, Ekuku General
  • Member/2nd Vice President, Ideal Ladies

People of the world, join me to celebrate this Amazon from Ika land. A role model, a trailblazer, a Newsmaker and a generous giver.

What is your “NextLevel”?

She responded “to obtain a Degree in Theology”.

Congratulations, Amazon Mrs Okobia Ayodele (PhD) Mummy General.

© Ewere Okonta